Engineering Mathematics In Action
(course code: FM 112)

Course instructors:
Amrik Sen, Sanjay Bose
Course TAs: Sandeep Kumar, Arpit Shukla

Syllabus and manuals

Course brochure (here)
Lecture plan (here)
Laboratory manual (module 1: here)
Matlab tutorial (here)

Lecture notes and slides

Module 1
Lecture 1: 15/11/2021 (Amrik's lecture: here)
Lecture 2: 17/11/2021 (Amrik's lecture: here) (Sanjay's lectures 1-2: here)
Lecture 3: 22/11/2021 (Amrik's lecture: here)
Lecture 4: 24/11/2021 (Amrik's lecture: here(Sanjay's lectures 1-4: here