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PhD students

1. Tanvi Singla (UGC-CSIR NET qualified, JRF under DST-SERB project SRG/2019/000512)

2. Sandeep Kumar (UGC-CSIR NET JRF)

Job openings

Some openings are expected, they will be posted here under "JOB OPENINGS."


Fibonacci quasicrystal model


Research Methods and Expertise

Multiple scales perturbation theory, asymptotics, Hamiltonian dynamics, computational modeling (C, MPI, Matlab)

Research Statement (pdf)

Research Interests

I have diverse experience in mathematical modeling including developing high performance computational code using MPI and C. I am currently interested in three scientific themes:

  1. Self organizing complex systems. 

  2. Wave Turbulence.

  3. Dynamics of aperiodic order.

Some of my published work in the above research areas can be found under the "Publications" tab. Besides, some simulations developed by me related to the above topics can be found below:

Fluid turbulence

Multi-phase flows

Self organizing complex systems in biology

Complex systems and aperiodic order

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