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The official webpage of UMA 003 is below:

You are advised to use these notes in conjunction with the corresponding material from your textbook (Calculus and Analytic Geometry, Thomas & Finney 9th ed.). These notes are not comprehensive but intended as reference only. 

Lecture notes from Amrik's section will be posted here.

Notes 1 (pdf) "up to optimization"

Notes 2 (pdf) "up to polar coordinates"

Notes 3 (pdf) "sequences, partial sums and introduction to infinite series"

Notes 4 (pdf) "all about integral test for convergence of series"

Notes 5 (pdf) "so much fun with Harmonic series & comparison tests, application of divergent series"

** refer textbook for section on ratio and root tests for convergence of series

Notes 6 (pdf) "alternating series test (proof), absolute & conditional convergence"

Notes 7 (pdf) "excerpts of power (Taylor) series, interval of convergence & applications from textbook "

Notes 8 (pdf) "multi-variate calculus and directional derivatives"

** for notes on partial derivatives, chain rule and total derivative, refer your textbook.

Notes 9 (pdf) "double and triple integrals(these notes are comprehensive, you need to study only those topics/sections that were covered in the lectures) 

Notes 10 (pdf) "review on series convergence: questions & solutions"

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