Mathematics of Uncertainty 
(course code: FM 122)

Course Instructors:
Amrik Sen, Sanjay Bose, Jitesh Panchal

Instructional Manager:
Vanita Sharma

Course TAs:
Manraj Singh Ghumman, Arpit Shukla.


Class schedule: (here

Office hours:
Amrik (Fridays: 10:10 to 10:30 hrs, 11:20 to 12:00 hrs)
Sanjay (Tuesdays: 9:00 to 10:00 hrs)

Manraj (Wednesdays: 15:00 to 17:00 hrs)

Arpit (Fridays: 15:00 to 17:00 hrs)

Vanita (Mondays: 15:00 to 17:00 hrs)

Syllabus and manuals:                                                                                              
Course brochure and lecture plan: (here)

Matlab tutorial: (here)

Lecture notes, slides, book chapters:                                                             

Introductory note: here.

Module 1:

Thinking in Probability  (here)

Sanjay's lectures of 3/3/2022 (here)

Complementary reading-1: solving recurrence relations (here)

Sanjay's lectures upto 15/3/2022 (here)

Module 2:

Probability Distributions (here) complete module 2 notes!

Complementary file-1 (simulating binomial distribution: here)

Sanjay's lectures (here)

Sanjay's lectures (here) end of module 2

Module 3:

Discrete Time Markov Chains (here)

Supplementary reading & exercises: Markov Chains (here)

Sanjay's lectures (here)

Complementary file-2 (game of evolution: here)

Game of Evolution with Mozart (here)

Module 4:

Statistical Experiments (here)

Sanjay's lectures (here)

Module 5: 

Statistics for Complex Problems

1D linear least squares regression (here)

Jitesh's notes on "Decision Making under Uncertainty" (here)




Project instructions (coming soon!)

Laboratory-cum-project manual:

Lab/mini-project 1 (here)
Project-1 rubric (
Lab/mini-project 2 (synopsis: here)
Lab/mini-project 2 (full handout: here)

Lab/mini-project 2 (supplementary material: here)
Project-2 rubric (here)
Lab/mini-project 3 (handout: here)

-- due May 19 (S2),  May 24 (S1).
Treasure trove to the Viterbi bandwagon (here)
Project-3 rubric (here)
Project-4 rubric (here)
Lab/mini-project 5 (handout: here)


Worksheets & Practice Problems

Worksheet 1 (sec. 2.11, all exercise problems of chapter 2 of the textbook)

Worksheet 2 (sec. 3.11, all exercise problems of chapter 3 of the textbook)

Worksheet 3 (
sec. 4.11, all exercise problems of chapter 4 of the textbook)

Worksheet 4 (
sec. 6.9, all exercise problems of chapter 6 of the textbook)

Written exams

Mid-term exam (here)
Solutions to mid-term exam & rubric (here)

End-term exam (here)
Solutions to end-term exam (here)