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Peer-reviewed journal publications

6) Sen, A., and Perelman, C. A Hamiltonian model of the Fibonacci quasicrystal using non-local interactions: simulations and spectral analysisEur. Phys. J. B, 93, 67, 2020. (pdf)

5) Sen, A. Anisotropic Wave Turbulence for Reduced Hydrodynamics with Rotationally Constrained Slow Inertial WavesFluids, 2, 28, 2017. (pdf) (html)

4) Sen, A., Aschheim, R., and Irwin, K. Emergence of an Aperiodic Dirichlet Space from the Tetrahedral Units of an Icosahedral Internal SpaceMathematics, 5, 29, 2017. (pdf) (html)

This paper has been nominated as the journal cover page article (see here).

3) Pouquet, A., Sen, A., Rosenberg, D., Mininni, P., and Baerenzung, J. Inverse cascades in turbulence and the case of rotating flowsPhys. Scr. T 155, 014032, 2013. (pdf)

2) Sen, A., Mininni, P., Rosenberg, D., and Pouquet, A. Anisotropy and non-universality in scaling laws of the large-scale energy spectrum in rotating turbulencePhys. Rev. E 86, 036319, 2012. (pdf)

1) Sen, A.; Ananthakrishnan, G.; Sundaram, S.; Ramakrishnan, A. G. Dynamic Space Warping of Strokes for Recognition of Online Handwritten Characters, Intl. Jour. of Patt. Recog. and Art. Intell., 23, 5, 2009. (pdf)

Peer-reviewed technical reports


1) Sen, AAnalysis of fractal representation of genetic sequences, Essays in Chaotic Dynamics: Spring 2010, Technical Report CUCS 106610, Boulder, editor: Elizabeth Bradley. (link to full report: pdf), 

(link to paper: pdf)

Doctoral Dissertation

1) Sen, A. "A Tale of Waves and Eddies in a Sea of Rotating Turbulence" (2014). Applied Mathematics Graduate Theses & Dissertations. 46. (weblink: html) (pdf)

Articles in Popular Press

1) Sen, A. Developing AI based predictive technologies for epidemic management and preparedness, Financial Express, September 2021. (weblink: html)

Conference proceedings


3) Sen, A. et. al., Hamiltonian wave turbulence theory on the genesis of eddies from waves in rotating flows, American Geophysical Union, Spring Meeting 2013, Denver, Colorado, USA.

2) Sen, A., Poisson Approximation & its Application in Pattern Matching Problems, Fields-MITACS meet, School of Applied Probability (Fields Institute & Carleton University, Canada), May 11-21, 2009.

1) Ananthakrishnan, G., Sen, A., et. al., Dynamic Space Warping of Sub-Strokes for Recognition of Online Handwritten Characters, International Graphonomics Society (IGS2007) 13th IGS conference: 11-14 Nov. 2007, Melbourne, Australia.

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