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PCL 105: Statistical Methods & Algorithms (July-December, 2018)

Course Instructors: Amrik Sen (email:

                                Ash Narayan Sah (email:

Course Documents: syllabus, lecture plan. 

Discussion Forum: enter here (password required, hint: <course code><first name of our university> all lower case and without space).

Amrik's lecture notes

Set 1: (pdf) "up to some named distributions"

Set 2: (pdf) "up to end of basics of probability"

Set 3: (pdf) "up to end of discrete Markov chains"

Set 4: (pdf) "Motivating e.g. for CTMC (server-queue problem)"

Set 5: (pdf) "Notes on CTMC (concepts and theory)"

Set 6: (pdf) "Applications of Kolmogorov Balance eqns."

Set 7: (pdf) "Sampling distributions: for mean & variance"

Set 8: (pdf) "Hypothesis tests & ANOVA (1-way)"

** for 2-way ANOVA, refer pp. 565-572 in Walpole's book. 

Set 9: (pdf) "Time series analysis"

Set 10: (pdf) "Principal component analysis"



A. N. Sah's lecture notes 

Set 1: (pdf) "Introduction to hypothesis testing"       

News & Resources:

Evaluated answer booklets of end semester test (both sections) will be shown to students on December 24, 2018 (Monday) in G254 at 12 noon. The same will be shown to students once again at the end of first week of January 2019.


HW set 3 (practice problem) on 2-way ANOVA is here. (For solution, see solved problem on pg. 569 in Walpole's book.)

HW set 2 (practice problems) on 1-way ANOVA is here. (For solutions and hints, see here.)

Quiz for A. N. Sah's section will be held on 16th November, 2018 at 5.15 pm in the R&D block. 24/10/18

Quiz (sessional test) for Amrik's section will be held on November 17 (Saturday) at 1 pm. Venue will be D-201 (regular classroom). 22/10/18

Solutions of mid-semester test:

solutions to questions 1(a)-(e) and question 2(b) are here; solutions to questions 1(f),2(a) and 2(c) are here. 14/10/18

Mid-semester test can be found here. 5/10/18

Solutions to HW 1 is here. 16/9/18

Sample solved exercise problems on discrete Markov

chains are here. 13/9/18

Question bank and exercise problems from

Dr. A. N. Sah's section is posted here. 30/8/18

A comprehensive reference book for studying introductory probability including random variables, distributions, computing expectations etc., as well as hypothesis testing and statistical sampling techniques can be found here. 10/8/18

HW set 1 is posted here. These will not be graded but are meant for you as exercise problems to test your understanding of the lecture material. You may discuss solutions and strategies in the discussion forum with other members of the PCL 105 community. 10/8/18

Reference notes on solving recurrence relations is now posted in the discussion forum! 2/8/18 


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